Land more Mortgage business this Summer

Giving you greater scope and real competitive advantage in a more limited marketplace, this package of product and service enhancements is designed to offer you some support over the summer to help you land more deals.


1. Max LTV increased for Self Employed borrowers

75% LTV for Self Employed customers is now available

For Residential Mortgage and Second Charge, the maximum LTV for self employed customers has been increased from 65% to 75%, in line with the maximum LTV for employed customers. Our AVM criteria also remains unchanged and will aid your business to achieve greater and quicker conversions.

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2. 50% of bonus & overtime now accepted

50% of regular monthly income, such as bonus, overtime & commission is now accepted

Providing the additional income has been consistent over the lockdown period and previously, we will now accept 50% of all regular income including bonus, overtime and commission payments.

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Residential Mortgages
Second Charge

3. Webchat launched for real time Broker to Lender communication

Our new webchat means Brokers who are registered on the UTB portal can submit new enquiries, discuss existing cases or supply information to the Bank in real-time, two way online chat with immediate access to mandated Underwriters.

This is a further step on the digital transformation strategy for the mortgage division at UTB. Some first charge lenders already have this capability but it is a second charge industry first.

4. Specific criteria for professional Contractors

We are introducing specific Contractor criteria, aimed at professional people who work on 6m, 12m or 18m Contracts typically in sectors such as IT, Medical or other consultancy roles.

This is for residential mortgages and second charges.

5. Limited edition Near Prime Second Charge product

For Second Charge, 1 and 2 status products, we will now ignore the payment profile on all unsecured credit items entirely, providing they are being consolidated with our loan, a reasonable explanation is received during the underwriting process, and there is no recent pay day loans.

These changes apply to all pipeline applications, and updated versions of the Packager and Distributor / Direct to Lender Second Charge Product Guides are below.

Second Charge Packager Guide
Second Charge Direct to Lender Guide

6. UTB Secure Chat Hub launched

The ‘UTB Secure Chat Hub’ provides brokers and customers with a straightforward and secure way of communicating with the Bank during mortgage applications.

Available to download for free from usual App stores, the new App allows customers to easily communicate with the Bank, upload files such as bank statements and payslips, e-sign documents and scan documents for facial recognition ID verification as well as complete security checks saving them time and inconvenience. Introducers can register, refer cases and forward documentation. The system also provides a higher degree of data security than email communications.

The new UTB Secure Chat Hub is powered by Nivo’s Secure Messaging platform but is United Trust Bank branded ensuring a consistent journey for UTB customers. A further advantage of the new App is that information can be securely shared by lenders, brokers, lawyers and other professionals signed up to the network. For example, ID verification can be easily and securely passported between UTB and lawyers acting for the Bank, and with a customers specific authority, documentation can be transferred between broker and lender to speed up the application journey, providing all parties are using the same system.

7. Interest Only residential first charge mortgages released.

UTB’s first step into the ‘Interest Only’ residential mortgage market gives introducers a compelling offer to present to those borrowers who may not fit the strict tick-box approach of many mainstream lenders. Key features include:

  • Maximum 75% LTV (70% for downsizing)
  • Affordability assessed on Interest Only monthly repayment
  • Available for purchase and remortgage
  • No minimum credit score
  • Flexible on property construction types
  • Multiple repayment vehicles accepted including cash savings, pension lump sums and sale of investment property
  • 2-5 year fixed rates available including no ERC option

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