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About United Trust Bank

UTB is led by an astute and knowledgeable senior management team with many decades of experience. We provide quick, bespoke and flexible funding solutions to borrowers in a wide range of circumstances funded by a range of competitive deposit accounts and ISAs to UK retail and corporate savers.

Establishing strong relationships with our broker partners is fundamental to the continued success of our lending businesses. We never underestimate the important role brokers play in acting as counsel to their clients and we strive to add value by providing outstanding service and building relationships for the long term.

Our savers look for great service and accounts which make their money work harder, all the time benefitting from the protection and peace of mind provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

United Trust Bank (UTB) was incorporated in England in 1955 and established itself as a specialist lender, mainly providing development finance to SME housebuilders as they tackled the post-war housing shortage.

In 2001 the Bank was acquired by an Anglo-Dutch bank, Insinger de Beaufort. This acquisition was led by Graham Davin and Harley Kagan, who are currently the Deputy Chairman and the CEO of UTB respectively.

In 2004 Graham, Harley and Roger Tidyman led a management buy-out of the Bank, taking it into private ownership and reinstating its original name, United Trust Bank. UTB had a loan book of £10m at that time.

And so began UTB’s modern era as an independent specialist bank. The new owners set about updating, expanding and diversifying the Bank’s operations, transforming UTB into a thriving and highly regarded specialist bank which by December 2023 had a loan book in excess of £3.1bn. Below are some of the highlights of our story since 2001.

Our history

United Trust Bank has a strong track record of successful innovation and growth.

Financial information

UTB operates within the UK and its primary activity is the provision of a range of secured funding facilities for individuals and businesses and fixed and notice deposit accounts for individuals, businesses and charities


We are delighted that United Trust Bank’s dedication to excellent service and innovative products has been recognised with some of the UK’s most prestigious awards


UTB offers a fast-paced, inclusive and committed environment, an opportunity to work with friendly, diverse and passionate people and the chance to learn from the very best in the business

Environmental and social governance

Although our activities have limited direct impact on the environment, we are aware of the important role businesses can play in society and protecting our planet.

Corporate governance

Our corporate governance ensures that we maintain an environment of trust, transparency and accountability and protects the interest of all stakeholders

Regulatory information

United Trust Bank Limited is registered in England and Wales, registration number 549690, registered office at One Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW, England

Privacy notice

UTB takes its Data Protection responsibilities seriously and we are committed to using the personal data we hold in accordance with the law


If something has gone wrong, please get in touch with us and we will investigate your complaint as soon as we can

Fraud awareness

Tips on how to spot fraud and how to report your concerns to us

How can we help?

Got a question or need some support? Check our help page for useful information and ways to contact us

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