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The mini mortgage for the millions

Government figures suggest there are around 7.7 million households in England which are owned outright. 7.7m households who, if they wanted to access some of the capital tied up in their homes,

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Living Without EU


Steve Norris is the Chairman of Soho Estates and Driver Group PLC and is a Senior Adviser to BNP Paribas Real Estate UK/Strutt Parker.

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Our policy is to keep lending

A recent United Trust Bank poll revealed that nearly 6 out of 10 brokers operating in the bridging sector believed that most lenders’ credit policies would remain broadly similar for the next 12 months.

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The Mini Mortgage with the 7.7m market

It’s often said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Well most of the time anyway. It’s debatable whether Steve Jobs would ever have given us the iPhone if he’d waited for it to become a necessity.

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