UTB funds the England football squad coach – (no not Roy Hodgson)

A member of the United Trust Bank asset finance team had previously dealt with the company that has the contract with the Football Association to supply and run the England football team coaches. So when approached to fund the new team coach we quickly got into action to make sure that we could support the national team in the build up to the FIFA World Cup 2014, and see them smartly on their way to Brazil.

Our customer wanted the deal turned around quickly and structured in such a way as to meet their cash flow requirements. The transaction also needed to be paid out in a very short timeframe so that delivery of the new coach could be taken prior to the most recent England game against Denmark. A great effort from UTB, that would have made Roy Hodgson proud, saw the deal successfully completed and the lads were delivered to Wembley in their shiny new coach. No doubt Roy will be looking for a similarly stunning performance from his team in Brazil. Look out for the UTB coach when it ferries the squad to and from Heathrow this summer. With a bit of luck it will have a trophy on it on the way home!