Rapid Remortgage!

Mr and Mrs R wished to arrange a £150,000 remortgage to repay their existing mortgage, fund improvements to their 3-bedroom Hampshire home and consolidate some debt. Mr R is a site controller and Mrs R a gardener and they were planning to add some extra space to their home by converting the loft into another bedroom enabling them to turn an existing room into an office.

They have some historic adverse credit including 2 CCJs incurred over 4 years ago, 1 mail order default and a missed phone bill payment which were all considered but ignored allowing the customers to access our most competitive 0-status product.

Documents were uploaded via the UTB portal on the 9th of November and despite the credit history blips, the application proceeded from application to offer in just 6 working days with the funds paid out a day later on the 17th.

This is an excellent example of UTB’s pragmatic underwriting and swift service providing our customers with a quick and successful outcome.   

Mortgage type
  • Remortgage
  • £150,000
  • 56%
  • South of England
  • Both employed
  • Traditional