It may not be a big deal to us, but…

Although funder case studies tend to focus on unusual assets or deals which needed something extra to get them over the line, the reality for most funders is that a majority of their transactions aren’t that interesting.

However, for the customer and the broker representing them, even the most ordinary of deals is absolutely the most interesting and important one to them that day. Funding specialist C&C machines and refinancing hi-tec media equipment make good reading, but when push comes to shove, delivering just as great a service on a £20,000 Transit van purchase as you would on a £1m Bentley is what being a reliable asset funder is all about.

David Gartside of Forest Finance said: “We are a relatively new introducer to UTB, although I’ve known BDM Paul Barter for some time. The last couple of deals I’ve put through UTB have been straightforward vehicle purchases. Nothing fancy but the service from proposal to pay-out was excellent. The communication from the admin team throughout the transactions kept me fully in the loop which meant I could reassure my clients that everything was proceeding smoothly. The paperwork was dealt with quickly and the pay-outs happened when promised.

“Buying a van isn’t a big deal for a funder like UTB, but for some of my customers it will be the biggest capital purchase they make this year. The team at UTB get that and it’s the sort of approach I wish all funders would take.”