Bridging solves a sitting Tenancy puzzle

Our security property was a house divided into two flats. One of the flats was vacant and one occupied by a Sitting Tenant.

The owner was willing to sell the house to the Sitting Tenant at a price which took his legal rights into consideration and was advantageous to him. The Sitting Tenant wished to purchase, but even at the price offered he could not afford to proceed.

Our borrowers were introduced to the Sitting Tenant through a family connection and they effectively agreed to finance his purchase, by agreeing to contemporaneously buy the property from him at a premium which made it worth his while to relocate.

After the purchase and determination of the Sitting Tenancy, the whole property would be unoccupied and our borrowers planned to obtain planning permission to convert the property back into a single residence, improve it and sell it at an enhanced value.

Given the rationale behind the discounted purchase price, United Trust Bank agreed to fund over 70% of the purchase price.

UTB commented: “This was very nice proposition where we were able to help the property’s vendor, the Sitting Tenant and our borrowers to achieve their goals. The main issue was to ensure that the Sitting Tenancy was determined and this was readily achieved with the help of our solicitors.”

Loan of £537,300