‘Service’ Tops Broker Poll of the Most Valued Qualities of Bridging Lenders

Over a third (38%) of brokers value great service above all other qualities when selecting lenders for bridging finance.

The survey of nearly 200 brokers carried out by United Trust Bank reveals that 38 per cent of brokers selected ‘service’ when asked to choose the quality they value most from a lender. Just 9 per cent of brokers selected ‘speed’ and 12 per cent selected ‘price’.

The second most popular quality was ‘flexibility’ with 21 per cent of brokers ranking it as their most important factor and 20 per cent most value a good relationship with their case manager.

•    38% of brokers ranked ‘service’ as the most important quality of a bridging lender
•    21% selected ‘flexibility’
•    20% selected the ‘relationship with the case manager’
•    12% selected ‘price’
•    9% selected ‘speed’

Alan Margolis, head of bridging at United Trust Bank said;

“We’ve built our proposition on delivering a first class, professional service so it’s good to see that great service is the quality sought by more brokers than any other when looking for a bridging lender. Flexibility also scores highly which perhaps reflects the continued diversity of the uses we’re seeing bridging finance put to these days.

“Price is still a key factor for many brokers so with some of the most attractive rates in the marketplace, a flexible lending approach and service excellence which has won awards for the last two years, United Trust Bank offers a compelling proposition.”