Let our new Notice Tracker Accounts manage interest rate changes for you

Rising interest rates are good news for savers like you. But making sure your money is always delivering a great return can be a headache when interest rate changes happen frequently.

Not anymore. United Trust Bank have launched a new notice savings account which tracks the Bank of England Base Rate, so if that goes up again, the interest rate we pay on your savings will also go up by the same amount. Without you having to do anything.

We have launched three new Notice Tracker Accounts with competitive interest rates for personal, business and charity customers.

Personal customers can secure a starting interest of 2.35% Gross/AER – which is the current Bank of England Base Rate plus 0.1%. So, whatever the Base Rate is in the future, your money will always be earning slightly more.

Businesses and charities can obtain a starting interest rate of 2.25% Gross/AER – which is exactly the same as the current Bank of England Base Rate and will match it moving forwards.

All the accounts require 120 days’ notice should you wish to withdraw all or some of your balance in the future.

Further details and full terms and conditions can be found here: