Can I change my Memorable word?

To change your memorable word select ‘My details’ and ‘Online Security’ from the left side menu, within Online Banking. You will be able to enter your new chosen memorable word and will be prompted to re-enter below to confirm that the memorable words match. Once happy, select ‘Change memorable word’ and this will carry out your request.

If you think somebody may know your password or login details, please contact the Deposits Department on 020 3862 1268.

I was unable to provide instruction on some of my accounts. Why?

At present, the system is unable to process withdrawal instructions for the following account types:

7 Day instant access accounts

ISA fixed term accounts

ISA call accounts Should you wish to provide us with a withdrawal instruction for one of these accounts, send us a secure message using online banking. Alternatively, you can use the contact form, email us, write to us or call us.

How do I check or reject an action on my joint account?

If a joint account requires more than one signatory to complete an instruction, both parties will be required to login and authorise any amendments made via online banking.

Either party will be able to login to online banking and submit a request. This will prompt a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) response and the request will be held as ‘pending’. A request will not be fully approved until the joint party logs in and actions the request via the ‘Authorisation’ menu on the left side.

The joint party will be able to ‘Reject’ or ‘Approve’ the requests. Once the ‘Approve’ option has been selected this will prompt a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) response.

How do I open a new account via online banking?

To open an additional deposit account online, please select ‘New Application’. The account application will then start in a new window. You will be able to select from the fixed or notice products available. Your information will be pre-filled based on the details we hold for you. Please note, if your details require updating, close the application window to take you back to online banking where you can make the necessary changes before proceeding with the new application.

How do I access secure messaging?

Should you wish to send us a message, login to online banking and select ‘Message’. This allows the contact between yourself and United Trust Bank. Please note, should you wish to send additional funds for your maturing bond, we require a ‘Top up’ message to inform us that funds are on the way.

How do I change my personal details?

You can change your address and contact details via online banking. Once you have logged in, please select ‘My Details’ then ‘Change Contact Details’. Select the relevant option(s) to change your details accordingly. You will receive a Two Factor Authentication notification to approve the change.

How do I change my mobile security setting?

To update your Two Factor Authentication (2FA) preferences, select ‘My Details’ and ‘Mobile Security’.

If you currently have SMS notifications and wish to opt for Push Notifications, you will need to download the SecurEnvoy Authenticator app and proceed with Push Notification enrolment. An email will be sent to your registered email address with a one-time code to input on screen. To complete registration, scan the QR code when prompted using the SecurEnvoy Authenticator app.

If you currently have Push notifications and wish to opt for SMS Notifications, you will receive a one-time pass code and proceed to enrol for SMS notifications.

How do I view, add or cancel the details to use for my nominated bank account?

To view, add or cancel a nominated bank account, login and select the ‘Nominated Bank Account’ option on the left side menu.

Should you wish to add a new Nominated Bank Account, select ‘New’ and provide the new bank details and save. You will then need to link the new details to the relevant account number within the ‘Linked Account’ option. Note, you will need to remove the existing link before you can link your new nominated account.

Should you wish to cancel the Nominated Bank Account, select the Nominated Bank details you would like to cancel and select cancel.

Please note, you will need to remove the link from the Linked Account option to cancel the account details. The option to cancel the nominated bank account will not be available until the link has been removed.

A nominated bank account must be provided when applying for an account with United Trust Bank. The nominated bank account must be a transactional UK Bank account where electronic payments can be made or received. Each customer is only allowed one Nominated Bank Account for each account held with United Trust Bank.

How do I give you my maturity instructions via online banking?

Watch our video guide on how to submit your maturity instructions online here.

14 days prior to your maturity date, we will send an SMS notification to your registered mobile phone to advise that you are able to provide maturity instructions online.

We will also write to your registered address providing the maturity options that are available to you.

To give your instructions within 14 days of maturity, please locate the account(s) that is/are due to mature.

Step 1 – Select the maturing account by clicking on the account number, then select ‘Maturity Instructions’

Step 2– Select ‘Add’ and you will be able to provide your maturity options. As you build your instructions, a summary of your choices will be available to review.

Step 3 – Once you are happy with your selections, please select Complete Instructions. Please note, you will need to provide instructions for the total balance at maturity. Instructions will not be saved until the total balance has been allocated an instruction.

In addition, if you do not complete the instructions, they will not save and you will need to re-enter your instructions.

Step 4 – Should you wish to make any withdrawals to your nominated bank account, you will need to ensure that the account has been linked. To do this, please select Linked Account, select the account you wish to link and select ‘Save’. Once the account has been linked, the funds will only be remitted to the linked account.

How do I change my interest preferences?

Select the account you wish to update and then select Linked Account. Here you have the option to compound interest or to have it paid to your nominated bank account for notice accounts and fixed term accounts longer than a year.

You will need to ensure a Linked Account has been selected to make any payments to the nominated bank account.

How do I request a withdrawal/place notice on my accounts(s)?

To submit a withdrawal request or place notice, please log into online banking and select ‘Messages’ to send us a secure message and make the request.

For United Trust Bank notice accounts, you will be able to place notice on your account. The notice period that applies to your account was specified at account opening. A payment to your nominated bank account will occur at the end of the notice period.

For Call Accounts, you will be able to request a withdrawal to your Nominated Bank Account, in line with our Terms & Conditions.