Ditch and switch those poor performing deposit accounts

Let’s be honest, when you were putting together your New Year resolutions, reviewing the interest rate you are earning on your business deposit accounts probably didn’t make the top five and possibly not even the top 10. Maybe it wasn’t on your resolutions list at all.

OK. We understand. With all the things you have to do at the start of the year, the effort of moving the business’s cash from one deposit account to another may be too much. So time consuming, with all that paperwork too…?

At United Trust Bank (UTB) we have a solution. We have launched a quick and simple online application portal featuring our competitive business deposit accounts. A system that aims to have your account set up and ready for action in a few days, so you might want to reconsider.

[color_quote]Why choose United Trust Bank?

UTB is one of the UK’s leading Specialist banks and in 2016 we were placed 25th in the Sunday Times list of top 100 fastest growing private companies. Our high levels of customer service have been recognised by awards from the likes of Business Moneyfacts and SavingsChampion.co.uk and our deposit accounts frequently appear in national ‘best buy’ tables.[/color_quote]

We are encouraging business customers to open accounts using our new, online deposit account application portal which is available for companies, partnerships, and sole traders. The portal gives them the ability to apply for a deposit account online in just a few minutes. It is a streamlined process supported by a team of people who understand the product and the service a business needs.

In addition to the great rates and the outstanding service, we are a UK bank covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Deposits of up to £75,000 per qualifying entity are protected (£85,000 from 30th January 2017 subject to confirmation) and because we are independent, not a subsidiary of any other bank, you can be confident that the amount of protection afforded by the FSCS through UTB is not affected by any accounts your business may hold elsewhere.

A UK bank for UK businesses

UTB was founded in London in 1955 and has been supporting UK SMEs ever since. We provide funding for companies operating in a diverse range of industries. For example, we make available finance for developers to build new houses and apartments and to transform derelict buildings into homes which the UK so desperately needs. We also fund service and manufacturing companies including hauliers, coach operators, construction firms, solicitors, dentists, film producers and farmers. We enable them to acquire vehicles, machinery and technology and provide the capital they need to grow their companies. Money deposited with UTB supports and encourages the UK’s vibrant pool of SMEs which are so vital to the health of the economy.

Don’t wait

[pull_quote]We know it is easy to forget about deposit accounts and some would choose to bury their head in the sand, rather than dwell on the paltry interest rate their cash is earning.[/pull_quote] However, taking the time to switch to a more competitive account with UTB brings almost immediate rewards and with our new online application portal it’s now even quicker and easier for you to get your money working harder.