How do I view, add or cancel the details to use for my nominated bank account?

To view, add or cancel a nominated bank account, login and select the ‘Nominated Bank Account’ option on the left side menu.

Should you wish to add a new Nominated Bank Account, select ‘New’ and provide the new bank details and save. You will then need to link the new details to the relevant account number within the ‘Linked Account’ option. Note, you will need to remove the existing link before you can link your new nominated account.

Should you wish to cancel the Nominated Bank Account, select the Nominated Bank details you would like to cancel and select cancel.

Please note, you will need to remove the link from the Linked Account option to cancel the account details. The option to cancel the nominated bank account will not be available until the link has been removed.

A nominated bank account must be provided when applying for an account with United Trust Bank. The nominated bank account must be a transactional UK Bank account where electronic payments can be made or received. Each customer is only allowed one Nominated Bank Account for each account held with United Trust Bank.