How do I give you my maturity instructions via online banking?

Watch our video guide on how to submit your maturity instructions online here.

14 days prior to your maturity date, we will send an SMS notification to your registered mobile phone to advise that you are able to provide maturity instructions online.

We will also write to your registered address providing the maturity options that are available to you.

To give your instructions within 14 days of maturity, please locate the account(s) that is/are due to mature.

Step 1 – Select the maturing account by clicking on the account number, then select ‘Maturity Instructions’

Step 2– Select ‘Add’ and you will be able to provide your maturity options. As you build your instructions, a summary of your choices will be available to review.

Step 3 – Once you are happy with your selections, please select Complete Instructions. Please note, you will need to provide instructions for the total balance at maturity. Instructions will not be saved until the total balance has been allocated an instruction.

In addition, if you do not complete the instructions, they will not save and you will need to re-enter your instructions.

Step 4 – Should you wish to make any withdrawals to your nominated bank account, you will need to ensure that the account has been linked. To do this, please select Linked Account, select the account you wish to link and select ‘Save’. Once the account has been linked, the funds will only be remitted to the linked account.