Do you accept cash & stocks and shares ISA transfers?

Yes. You can transfer all of this year’s subscriptions and those from previous years when you open a new cash ISA with us.

You can provide us with the details of your request by completing the cash ISA transfer application.

You can transfer from one cash ISA into a new one with a new provider, and you can transfer money from an existing stocks and shares ISA into a cash ISA.

When transferring an ISA, you should always make sure you do it through an ISA transfer request with your bank or building society. Otherwise, if you make a withdrawal, it will no longer be held in your cash ISA. This means that any tax benefits in respect of the amount withdrawn will be lost and the money withdrawn cannot be repaid into a cash ISA later in that tax year without impacting your annual ISA allowance for that tax year.

If you want to transfer your cash ISA for the current tax year you must do so in full. If you have already subscribed to an ISA with another ISA provider in this tax year, you should not make a deposit into an ISA with us for this tax year until the ISA has been transferred in full.

You should check the terms and conditions of the ISA you are transferring from before you request the transfer, as there may be restrictions or charges that apply if you are transferring.