What do I need to register for online banking?

To register for online banking you will need the following:

• A PC, laptop or tablet equivalent to complete the online registration form

• A mobile phone to allow the Two Factor Authentication process

• The SecurEnvoy Authenticator app (only if you have chosen your method of Two Factor Authentication as ‘Push’)

In addition, during the registration process you will need to provide the following:

• Your full first name and surname, as given in your application

• Your email address as registered with United Trust Bank

• Your National Insurance number

• Your date of birth

• Your United Trust Bank sort code and account number (if you have multiple accounts, you can enter any of the account numbers). The account number you enter must be an active account

• Your Two Factor Authentication preference

• Your mobile number as registered with United Trust Bank

• A memorable word, consisting of at least four characters (case-sensitive)

If you are not sure whether we hold all the information required to register, please contact us to check and we can then update your details if necessary.