UTB’s same day service saves an important supplier payment

An existing customer of UTB contacted their broker at just after 9.00am one morning with an urgent request. There had been an unexpected delay in payment from one of their main contractors which had left them short of funds with their bank. Critically, a large payment to one of their own suppliers had to be made later that day and the customer did not want to delay making the payment in view of the importance of their relationship.

Our broker partner contacted us, explained the situation and asked how quickly we could approve a refinancing proposal in view of the obvious urgency. A mere thirty minutes later and our broker was on his way to the customer’s premises to inspect an excavator that we had agreed to finance for the sum required.

An asset inspection was carried out by our broker, documents were signed and emailed to UTB and cleared funds were transferred to the customer by late afternoon. This ensured that our customer could make the important supplier payment required and stay on the right side of his bank manager.

When service and speed was critical, our broker knew who to contact.

Loan Amount: £30,000