Step-in saves the deal in a day

An existing customer of a United Trust Bank broker partner had agreed to purchase a brand new, 64 plate car and he was looking forward to picking it up from a franchised dealer.

The broker already had an acceptance in place with a funder and the documents had been signed and sent back to the funder in order for the customer to collect their new car as planned.

However, the broker was subsequently told that due to unforeseen service issues at the funder there was no guarantee that the deal would be paid out in time for the customer to pick up their car.

This less than satisfactory situation was mentioned by the broker as an aside during a conversation with one of UTB’s Broker Managers who immediately asked if the broker would like us to step in. After a brief conversation with the office, a proposal was sent in and an acceptance was promptly returned in record time. The broker printed off the new PDF documents and took them straight to the customer to get the deal re-signed on UTB paper.

The dealer then re-invoiced us and all the papers were scanned and emailed across to the office, along with the invoice and relevant KYC proofs. We paid out the deal on the same day and the customer picked up his shiny new wheels.

The circumstances of this case are exceptional. Fortunately, the service provided by United Trust Bank was exceptional as well.