Ordinary deals still deserve extraordinary service

Picking out a suitable case study to write about from the hundreds of transactions we have completed recently is not always an easy task. To qualify for possible inclusion in Case File, the transaction usually has to have something a little quirky about it to interest the reader. The challenge we face is that the vast majority of our business is funding vehicles and construction equipment on relatively standard terms, with a fast service from underwriting to pay-out.

This is all very good news to our brokers and customers, but it doesn’t necessarily make for a gripping read! A case in point is a recent proposal for a hire company which wanted a credit line for a number of new cars and light commercial vehicles that were due to be delivered within the next few weeks.

A same day decision in principle was given to our broker, subject to final price checks once the exact vehicles were known. Following confirmation of the vehicles required, a mixture of over twenty cars and vans, a final acceptance was quickly provided and the transaction was signed up and paid out within 48 hours.

It’s not the most exciting transaction, but it’s the sort of deal we do everyday. Fast decisions, simple processes and a first rate service are our bread and butter. We do quirky and exciting stuff like Aston Martins as well, just not every day!

Loan Amount: £350,000