London property upsize

Our customers are a London couple residing in a flat in a trendy area of North London.

Our customers had also found and agreed to purchase their new home, but such is the current competition for homes in good residential London areas, they wanted to secure and complete on the purchase before the sale of their flat.

Our customers’ personal circumstances were such that they only required a loan of circa £180,000 to secure against the new purchase property that was being acquired for circa £1.2m and which could be readily repaid from the sale proceeds of their flat.

Given the close proximity of our offices to our customers’ home we were pleased to meet them and their financial advisor at our offices where we learned the interesting background to their situation and requirements. At the meeting our customers had an opportunity to discuss their loan face to face and meet with their dedicated Case Manager. Their financial, advisor also took the opportunity to learn more about the Bank, our Bridging Department and the other products that the Bank offers.