Going the extra mile

UTSometimes a really quick turnaround on a transaction is crucial for our broker and their customer and it’s an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate how we always go the extra mile when required.

The broker approached the United Trust Bank Asset Finance team on a Thursday with a proposal for us to fund a prestige car for his customer. The customer wanted very much to take delivery of the vehicle before the weekend and this presented us with a fairly tight deadline!

The team moved quickly into top gear and proceeded to arrange a proper valuation of the vehicle, get credit approval and give an acceptance to our broker. Following that the race was on for our broker to get the paperwork signed with his customer, return it to us and for the admin team to then process the deal and arrange payment to the car’s supplier.

With all parties working together to meet the very short timescale required, funds were sent to the car’s supplier early the next day, less than 24 hours since receiving the first call from the broker.

The broker was extremely happy with the swift service he received, as was the customer, who was able to take his new sports car out for a weekend spin.


Loan: £100,000