From small acorns…

It’s not unusual when a broker is starting a relationship with a new lender, for them to initially give them some smaller deals to test the water before moving on to proposals for some bigger ticket items.

Paul Barter, Asset Finance BDM for UTB, had known one particular broker for a while and transacted some smaller deals over a number of months. The broker was delighted with the service he received, finding it particularly refreshing to be able to speak directly with UTB’s credit managers rather than having to work within the confines of a portal which, more often than not, was more of a hindrance than a help.

We do small deals and big deals at UTB, and what followed were several more proposals for one of his customers totalling around £300k, financing a tractor, trailer and jaw crusher. The broker has indicated there are some more larger deals in the pipeline too, with UTB high up on the list of funders to approach.

The Broker commented: “Service is very important as any fall-down can reflect badly on us with our customers. I have found placing business with UTB very easy from proposal stage to completion and the service has always been very efficient. As a result, we have increased our support of UTB this year and we are looking forward to continuing to build our relationship in 2020.”