£80,000 funding was focused on a fast turnaround

UTB’s Asset Finance team was approached by a specialist broker who was representing a client wishing to fund the purchase of some high-end media equipment.

The customer was new to the Bank but had a long and successful track record as a highly sought-after wildlife cinematographer. Working as a freelance through a limited company structure he was regularly contracted by the BBC and other producers and his credits included work on several ground-breaking TV series including Blue Planet 2, Planet Earth 1 & 2, The Life of Birds and many more.

The customer wished to purchase a specialist digital camera, lenses and additional equipment costing circa £80,000 for a highly confidential new assignment and was looking to fund the purchase over 2 years.

The team received the proposal on a Monday and the customer needed to take possession of the new equipment within a week as filming was about to start.

Working closely with the broker to complete the checks and paperwork, UTB made the pay out in time for the customer to pick up his to pick up his new equipment and head off to his film location without any delay

Loan – Circa £80,000
Term – 2 years