UTB extends asset classes and simplifies insurance

There is a vast array of SMEs currently looking to invest and grow and the variety of businesses which can benefit from asset finance is unlimited. United Trust Bank has once again extended the range of assets it will consider funding and has also simplified insurance terms to make dealing with UTB even more attractive for brokers and customers.

UTB will now consider funding and refinance on a range of standard engineering assets such as cutting and milling machinery, CNC machines and a variety of recycling plant and equipment. Proposals for assets such as fork lift trucks and materials handling equipment are also welcomed. The new asset classes are in addition to UTB’s existing assets considered which are listed below.

UTB has also increased the threshold for requiring asset insurance confirmation from £50,000 to £100,000. This makes terms even more attractive to brokers and customers and simplifies the administration on a large percentage of our transactions.

As brokers continue to face stiff competition from direct sales forces and vendor funders, UTB is committed to helping brokers by providing the flexible and competitive funding their customers need.

The range of assets UTB will fund and refinance now includes:

• Heavy and Light commercial vehicles
• Buses and Coaches
• Tractor units and trailers
• Municipal vehicles
• Forklift trucks
• Materials handling machinery
• Construction plant and equipment
• Agricultural vehicles and machinery
• Waste recycling equipment
• CNC machinery
• Standard engineering and manufacturing assets such as cutting and milling machines
• Injection Moulding machines
• Media equipment including sound, lighting and video equipment
• High performance and classic cars