Reaction from the HBF conference

United Trust Bank was very pleased to sponsor and attend the HBF Policy Conference on the 28th of March 2017 which again took a close look at the key issues affecting UK housebuilders.

Noel Meredith, Executive Director of United Trust Bank, agreed with the generally positive sentiment of the speakers.

“Although there will be some challenges ahead, mainly surrounding a labour and skills shortage exacerbated by Brexit uncertainty and an ageing UK workforce, the housing market remains in good health. There’s strong demand, low interest rates and government support through Help to Buy.

“The Government’s White Paper was viewed as a step in the right direction with an acknowledgement that there’s no silver bullet to a problem several decades in the making. However, what the industry needs now is some long term commitment to maintaining Help to Buy, or something similar, beyond the current March 2021 cut off. This will give housebuilders the confidence to invest in projects likely to come to fruition around or past this date.”