An introduction to Structured Finance at UTB

Adrian Cormican – Director – Hallcroft Structured Property Finance

UTB has created a Structured Finance division to provide bespoke financial solutions for clients with complex financial requirements. Headed up by Gerard Morgan Jackson, the highly knowledgeable team provides a unique personal service to customers requiring something more than just a conventional loan or funding facility.

Working with Gerard and an experienced team to date the Structured Finance Division has completed loans totaling more than £50m.

Gerard Morgan Jackson commented: “Over the last year we have worked closely with a select group of brokers developing and refining our offering and providing financial solutions to a wide variety of customers.

“Each borrower’s needs are different so we quickly appraise their situation and ensure that each facility is tailored to fit their exact requirements. [color_quote]Our customers tend to have more complex personal or corporate financial arrangements in place, typically involving multiple securities, UK and foreign portfolios, family trusts and SPVs and since creating the new division we have provided funding for a variety of different uses including refinancing, equity release, development, planning gain and investment.”[/color_quote]

What we lend on
• Residential investment property
• Semi commercial property
• Non-working farms
• Mixed Property portfolios
• Commercial property
• HMOs
• Land with planning
• Listed property
• A variety of other securities can be considered

Key Terms
• Unregulated
• Loan size from £500k
• Rolled up or serviced interest options
• Valuation and legal fees at cost
• Term up to 36 months

Case examples

An equitable charge secures planning gain funding
A developer required funding for costs associated with a project awaiting planning consent. One security property had a 1st charge at an advantageous rate which he did not wish to  refinance and as the main lender would not allow   a 2nd charge, we agreed a £2.5m facility secured against equity.

A complex facility for refinancing, purchase and development
A successful property development company wished to refinance existing loans, raise funds to complete the works on their current development and purchase their next project. Security for the circa £11m facility was a complex portfolio of properties, land, company assets and guarantees.

Family trusts required refinance and equity release
A development company required an investment loan secured against a number of let apartments in a previously completed project. The loan would refinance the existing loan and release equity to pay down other debts. Our experience of dealing with family trusts was vital in approving the circa £4.7m facility.

Investment, bridge and development solution
A family property investment business required a funding solution comprising a bridging loan, an investment loan and a development finance facility to complete a £5m refurbishment  of mixed use properties it already owned.     We agreed to provide a structured facility of £7.7m.

Refinance and equity release
A developer of luxury serviced retirement complexes wished to finance an expiring development loan and release equity from completed units in order to fund further site acquisitions. We  quickly appraised their financial situation and agreed a £6m facility.

What the brokers say…

UTB’s Structured Finance division provides a niche source of funding by considering deals on their individual merits without being bound by restrictive criteria and conditionality.
Tom Robinson, Bircroft Private Limited

[pull_quote]In an ever moving and competitive arena United Trust Bank’s Structured Finance Team have stood out from the crowd by having a creative approach to the world of property investment.[/pull_quote]