A demand for refinance

Although opportunities for acquiring new and used assets have been limited, we have found demand for refinancing existing assets to release capital for several uses, including to overcome short-term cash-flow problems.

For example, the team recently completed the refinance of a rare classic Ferrari to provide a £175,000 cash-flow buffer for the owner’s construction company. This deal, agreed and completed during the lockdown, is just one example of the many ways UTB is continuing to help SMEs manage their businesses through uncertain times.

Our current rates and commission are below but we may also be able to provide bespoke terms under our Pricematch scheme.

UTB rates and terms
Price and commission match Ask about price and commission match for qualifying deals from 10k with rates from as low as 4.5%.
Standard commission structure
  • 6% – 2% Commission
  • 7% – 3% Commission
  • 7.5% – 4% Commission
  • 8% – 5% Commission
  • 9% – 6% Commission
  • 10% – 7% Commission
Your benefits
  • No restrictive aged asset policy
  • Quick credit decisions
  • Same day pay-outs
  • Non-standard suppliers considered
  • Speak directly to Credit
  • Experienced broker managers
  • No hidden charges
  • No annual fees & no asset protection
Documentation fee split 50-50 (minimum £200)