About our values

About our values

At UTB it’s all about our culture and values.

United Trust Bank has evolved into a successful, modern, caring and profitable business. Being clear about our values is how we strive to maintain our reputation within the Financial Services industry.

We value tenacious, customer centric team players who act with integrity at all times. The UTB values are very important to us and reflect a personality, a focus and a culture that is clearly recognisable as UTB.

As the business grows, our behaviour and attitude towards our colleagues, customers and the market becomes defined in a style that is easily recognised.

Teamwork, Service, Integrity and Tenacity: four words that reflect a personality, a focus and an ethos that is ever present at UTB. 

We work co-operatively with our colleagues, striving to understand our customers and enabling us to deliver the service they want, whilst being trustworthy, honest and demonstrating drive and determination to achieve the very best.

It is important that anyone who wants to join our UTB team, displays these four values in everything they do here.

Mobashar Shah, Asset Finance Department

Although I have seen the company grow quite rapidly, the Bank still works hard to maintain its tight knit community and family feel. They strive to make sure you are welcomed when you join and that everyone knows who you are. This makes you feel like an important member of the team from Day 1 and that we are all striving towards the same goal.’ 



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