Please complete a Business application form.

We will write to you one week before your bond matures, to ask what you would like us to do with the funds.

No. Once a bond is fixed you cannot add funds to it during the term. However you can add funds when the bond matures or open as many separate fixed bonds as you need.

We need to see written instructions for any payment we make. This is because we have to confirm your identity against the original application we have on file.

Yes. We provide a tax certificate to all UK taxpayers at the end of the tax year.

Please complete an R85 or R105 form. You can download this from the HM Revenue & Customs website or we can send one to you.

Yes. Our fixed deposits are available to both businesses and registered charities

Please send us your new address in writing.

Yes. If you want annual interest payments you can request this on your application form or by writing to us with your bank account details.

For details, please click here to download our Fee Schedule

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