If you are happy with the Notice Account you currently hold with us, you need not take any further action.

If you would like to switch to one of our other products or to close your account without giving notice and have the balance repaid to your nominated bank account, please submit your instruction below.

    Step 1 – Select your options


    Select the Account you’d like to switch to – please note you may only select one of the following. If you do not wish to switch please select that option.

    UTB 6 Month Bond – 0.80% Gross/AER

    UTB 9 Month Bond – 0.85% Gross/AER

    UTB 1 Year Bond – 0.95% Gross/AER

    UTB 15 Month Bond – 1.00% Gross/AER

    UTB 2 Year Bond – 1.05% Gross/AER

    UTB 3 Year Bond – 1.15% Gross/AER

    UTB 5 Year Bond – 1.30% Gross/AER

    UTB 40d Notice Account Issue 2 – 0.75% Gross/AER

    UTB 100d Notice Account Issue 3 – 1.05% Gross/AER

    I do not wish to switch Accounts (Please go to the Repayments section)

    If you are switching please select only one of the following options:

    Please invest my full balance in the account selected above
    Please invest part of my balance into the account selected above

    If you have selected part balance you must let us know the amount you wish to invest in the box below:

    Please note that your remaining balance will stay in your existing notice account unless you elect to have a partial repayment below.

    If you do not require a repayment please go to step 2 to submit your instruction.


    Please select only one of the following options:

    Please repay my full balance to my nominated account
    Please repay part of my balance to my nominated account

    If you have selected partial repayment you must let us know the amount you wish to have repaid in the box below:

    Step 2 – Submit your instruction

    Visit the following links for our Terms and Conditions and details of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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    Telephone: 020 7190 5555
    Post: United Trust Bank Limited One Ropemaker Street London EC2Y 9AW

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    may be monitored under our quality control procedures.


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