Why has my bank or building society told me the United Trust Bank account details cannot be verified?

As of May 2020, some banks and building societies in the UK began offering a service called Confirmation of Payee (CoP), it will help protect you when you’re making payments by checking that the account, sort code and name of the account, match.

United Trust Bank account details cannot be verified using CoP as we are not yet part of the service. Therefore, when you make a payment to us for the first time you might get  a ‘no match’ or ‘unavailable’ message.

If this is the case, we request that you first check that you have correctly entered the sort code and account number. The sort code for every United Trust Bank Account is 30-01-51. You can confirm the validity of any sort code through the Faster Payment Sort Code Checker and other sort code registry checking tools.

After you have confirmed that you have entered the correct details, permit your bank or building society to proceed with the transfer.