Watch out for fraudsters!

Criminals often target individuals by posing as legitimate banks and suggesting that the person contacted is the beneficiary of a very large sum of money being held in one of their accounts. Often this news can come as a complete surprise. The fake representative of the bank may have convincing looking documents and they may even have set up a ‘cloned’ or copied website with a similar website address which may look like the real thing with the same branding and many of the same photographs. After exchanging some emails and documents the fake representative will often ask the individual to send an administration fee in order to release the funds. The fee may be a few hundred dollars or pounds, which in comparison seems a very small amount to gain access the millions of pounds promised by the fake bank, however, a legitimate bank would never ask for money to be paid for them to release funds to the beneficiary of a genuine account. This type of fraud is commonly known as a Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud or 419 Fraud and unfortunately incidences are common with people all around the world being targeted.

United Trust Bank takes actions of potential fraudsters very seriously and once we have been made aware of an incident we work tirelessly to close-down fraudulent websites and email addresses. If you are in any doubt of the legitimacy of communication you may have received please note that our website address is, you will always see a green padlock in your browser when accessing the legitimate website. If you have any doubts about any contact made to you supposedly from United Trust Bank, or someone acting as a representative, please get in touch with us via the website link above using the details on the Contact Us page. In the meantime, please do not send any money to anyone requesting a fee so that they can release funds to you.

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